Unique and Chic Vintage Home Furnishings
Revealing, sophisticated,
provocative, contemplative,
inspiring - all elements that a
well thought out interior
The contrast of timeless,
sleek, contemporary against
distressed aged pieces creates a
livable vintage chic and
intensifies the impact of each
individual piece.”

When there is too much
harmony among pieces
creating a cohesive style or
“look” – the impact of each
piece is minimized. Each piece
is reliant on the other. I like
pieces to be able to look just as
fabulous alone.”

Your home should bring
about feelings like a great
movie that you want to see
over and over again or a
wonderful book that you can’t
put down.”

My style is ever changing,
and evolves depending upon
what I come upon in my
travels.  I'm always in search
of the most unique and one of
a kind chic home furnishings”

Grant Dillon
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